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Frisch Financial was recently ranked as one of the top 9 advisory firms in New York by AdvisoryHQ and has received The Women’s Choice Award® five years in a row (2013-2017). Our advisors are often asked to contribute to distinguished media outlets and industry events.


Frisch Financial ranked as one of the top 9 advisory firms in New York by AdvisoryHQ in 2017

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Women's Choice Award
Frisch Financial has received The Women’s Choice Award® five years in a row (2013 - 2017)

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Working Mother
"Working Mother and SHOOK Research's 2017 Top Wealth Adviser Moms" October 3, 2017
"When it comes to divorce, not all assets are equal" September 21, 2017
“UPDATE: Here's what you need to know if you're the next Powerball winner” August 24, 2017
Magnify Money
“4 Ways Being a Perfectionist Can Hurt Your Finances” Friday, June 9, 2017
NBC News
“Despite Global Upheaval, It’s OK to Keep Your Foreign Investments" April 18, 2017
"Three steps to a $1 million college fund" March 31, 2017
“How to confront an overspending spouse” February 15, 2017
US News
“11 Ways to Avoid the IRA Early Withdrawal Penalty” September 23, 2013
“3 Ways to Teach Kids About Money” September 29, 2016
Time Money
"When Funds Veer Off Course" July 28, 2016
Time Money
“How Much Should I Invest in Stocks? In Bonds” December 9, 2015
US News
“Yes, Cash Has a Role in Your Portfolio” May 28, 2015
US News
“Don't Forget These Year-End Retirement Planning Tips” November 17, 2014
Next Avenue
“The Retirement Talk Couples Need to Have - Now!” January 4, 2013
Advisor Solutions
”Caring for the CareGivers“ Volume 5 | Issue 4 | Q4 2013
Advisor Solutions
”The Accidental Advocates“ Volume 4 | Issue 4 | Q4 2012
The Wall Street Journal
“Helping Settle a Risk-Tolerance Dispute” July 9, 2013
CNN Money
“Where should my mom invest $20,000?“ August 17, 2012
“Tried and True Optimism reigned at a roundtable of RIAs who kept the faith while being tempered by the fires of recession, fraud, and volatility.” November 1, 2009
NY Daily News
“Tax Time 2003. Answers to our readers’ tax questions” March 1, 2004
“Preparing for Retirement” September 24, 2008
Investment News
“When they need help, advisers call: ‘Coach!’ “ August 2011
“Retirement Postponed: Baby boomers who’d expected to quit work by now discover they can’t afford it. Blame the meltdown.” March 31, 2002
NY Daily News
“A Cowboy Mentality. Going Hog Wild with Your Investments in 2006” December 30, 2005

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